Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Money Making Mama

For those of you who are stay at home moms, like me, there are ways to legitamately make money! Now, you will not "get rich quick" but it's a nice little extra.

First way, is surveys. I am a member of several survey groups. You get points for doing surveys and cash them in for checks or for giftcards. One place I use is SayNation. Nice quizes and good prizes. I'm almost to my first giftcard. Takes time of course to earn enough to get a prize, but something is better than nothing. Another survey site I use is My Survey. I just got my first $10 check from them. Woo hoo! Not bad for taking a few seconds every now and again. If you want to join My Survey, email me at and I'll send you an invite.

Another way I'm "making" money is through SwagBucks. I just LOVE swagbucks. I've earned $95 in Amazon Giftcards from them! And it's so easy. Once you sign up, just download the toolbar, friend them on facebook, follow on twitter, and then just search everything through them instead of google or yahoo. It's that simple! Random searches will give you swagbucks and they give out codes frequently on facebook and twitter, or give hints on where you can find a swagbuck. Easy as pie!

The last way I'm making money is through Ebates. Ebates is another site I just LOVE, especially if you shop online. For example, Anna needed new Robeez shoes the other day. All I do is log into my ebates account, search for Robeez, and up pops discount codes. I click the link to the robeez website, make my purchase, and then I get Cashback from Ebates. Right now I have $16.24 cashback waiting for me, on purchases I was planning on making anyways! Even better is that you get $5 just for joining once you make your first purchase! And by referring a friend, I'll get $5 as well! Doesn't that sound fun?

Hope you sign up and start earning cashback and other prizes from your daily internet life like I am!

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