Monday, February 22, 2010

Run to CVS! Large bags of wipes for 2/$5!!!

This deal is now over!

I'm not sure if this is a price error or what, but the large bags of Huggies wipes are ringing up 2/

$5 at CVS!!!! These packs are normally $7.99! I don't know how long this price will last, but this is a great stock-up price!

***Please note that this price IS NOT listed on the shelf. Grab the $7.99 Huggies bags and take them to the price scanner and double check, but our experience is that they ARE ringing up 2/$5 with card. You have to use your CVS card to get the discount.

**I have confirmed this as my mom is at her CVS right now buying some for her grandkids. WOO HOO!


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RebeccaQ said...

cool! thanks for the heads up... Now you have to tell me all the deals to be had at WDW. The kids are dying to go... and I'm like Yikes too much Green $$$...