Friday, February 26, 2010

SuperNanny Casting Call

Are your children driving you nuts? Had enough sassy back talk, disrespect and shenanigans?
OPEN CALL: Saturday, February 27th @ Noon
Georgia Square Mall 3700 Atlanta Highway Athens, GA 30606
If you’re unable to make the open casting call: CALL SUPERNANNY CASTING AT 323-274-9922 OR E-MAIL
ABC is looking for families with children (toddlers to teens) to take part in the hit television series featuring Jo Frost, America’s #1 nanny!



Workin' The Deals said...

Wow! Are you applying lol. I'm sure Jo would tell me to get off the computer and quit spending so much time couponing lol.

Mommy Octopus said...

LOL! Actually, I have pretty good kids, in my opinion. They are really good helpers at couponing. My older 2 are great at spotting coupons in the store and my oldest is old enough to help clip coupons at home. The two of them always BEG to see the total we've saved. I think I have professional couponers in training! lol!