Monday, April 26, 2010

My Points!

Here's another program I do to earn rewards.  It's called MyPoints.  Basically, they send you emails and if you click the link in the email, when it tells you to, you'll earn points.  After a while the points will accumulute and you can get a reward!  Note that sometimes they do send a few emails a day, so if you do not like extra emails, you may want to create an email address just to do MyPoints or other rewards programs through.  I have them go to my personal email though so I don't miss any points.  I've been a member since 12/15/2009 and all I have done is click the links in the emails and I have 1,417 points.  I'm just shy of getting a $10 Pizza Hut Gift Card or a $10 TGI Friday's Gift card.  Not bad since I'm doing nothing other than clicking links!  To join, just CLICK HERE.


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