Friday, April 23, 2010

Scentsy One Day Sale!

Here's a great deal from a local Athens area Scentsy rep - I think I may have to order as my warmer broke!  This rep is so sweet and I have sampled the room spray - it is just AWESOME!

Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate mom, sister, aunt, grandma, or any other special lady who has touched your life. I am going to help you say, "Thank You."  So here is my super secret Friday Special.  It won't be a secret once we get the word out:

Purchase a Full-size Scentsy System and get a Free plug-in
Purchase two Full-size Scentsy Systems and get a Free plug-in and Room Spray.  One gift per person,  who is purchasing.

How do you order?

1. Go to Snifftastic
2.Click on Mother's Day Special
3. Place your order online excluding your plug-in or plug-in and room spray
4. Email through that site that you ordered a Full-size Scentsy System

PLEASE DO NOT ADD your plug-in or plug-in and Room Spray to your order online because you will be charged for these items.. You must email or call, otherwise the offer is void. If you need help picking scents send her an email and she will help you pick out something good. This sale will be good from 8 am-midnight Friday, April 23.


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