Monday, May 3, 2010

Cheap GA Aquarium visit on Saturday!

I just confirmed this with the aquarium, this should be a great deal.

First step - go to the GA Aquarium fan page HERE.  They have a link posted to get BOGO tickets.  Order 1 ticket if you need 2, 2 tickets if you need 4, etc.

Then this Saturday, they have a promotion that kids get in FREE if dressed like a princess, prince, or frog!  My plan is to buy 1 ticket ($26), get one adult ticket free.  Then the 2 older kids get in free dressed as a princess and prince.  Baby gets in free since she's too young to need a ticket.  So everyone in my family gets into the aquarium for $26!!  Don't forget the parking fee!

****Please note that the kids are only free with adult ticket.  So 2 adults visit, they can get 2 kids in free.  If you have 3 kids that need tickets, you'd need 3 adults to get them in free.


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