Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's it Worth Wednesday - Results!

Here's the results of this week's What's it Worth Wednesday.  After all coupons, we got the goodies for $20.45 with a savings of $41.84.  Not bad for a quick trip by the hubby!  Thank you to everyone that played with us on Facebook

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Anonymous said...

Publix on the eastside would NOT accept the $5 off 20 that you get by watching videos when I went there this morning. Any thoughts as to why?

Mommy Octopus said...

i'm not sure - some of the cashiers do not understand the policies. Did you ask for a manager?

I've never had any problems. I will speak with them when I go Saturday and see if they have changed their policies.

Anonymous said...


My publix in norcross, ga had no problem accepting the vv 5/20 q....until this week. I even talked to a manager and she said they'd accept the ones with barcodes but not the vv. I was upset...but I think they just wised up and decided those were no good. BOO.