Friday, April 16, 2010

Athens Area Publix

Did you know that Publix will take competitors coupons?  That is a great way to get good deals and not have to run around from store to store. 

I called the stores today to see what coupons they will take and here are the answers:

Georgetown Square - Barnett Shoals, Athens:  They will take Rite-Aid, Kroger, Ingles, and Piggly Wiggly coupons.

Athens Pointe - Atlanta Hwy, Athens: They will take Kroger, Ingles, CVS, Walgreens, and Target coupons

Butler's Crossing - Experiment Station, Watkinsville: They will take Kroger and Bell's

I'm glad I called! I didn't know that Athens pointe took the drug store coupons too.  My wheels are turning in my head for some great deal scenarios!


Ashleigh said...

Yeah isn't that great! Atlanta Hwy Publix has always taken my Rite Aid coupons with no problem too. I used one yesterday.

Sue Ann said...

I used a CVS one at the Barnett Shoals one last week. :-)

Anonymous said...

I spoke to a manager recently at the Georgetown Square location regarding competitors coupons. I called prior to arriving and was told by the customer service desk that they would accept Rite-Aid, Kroger, Food Lion and Ingles. (which I questioned since Food Lion has been closed for years..but he assured me it was accurate) When I got to the store, I spoke to the manager who told me they only accept Kroger coupons and 'some' Rite Aid ones, depending on what the item was. I informed him that I was active in the 'Athens coupon community' and wanted to make sure I had the info correct. I guess it just depends on who your cashier is and what manager is on duty!